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I have always been great to excellent with exercise but after my 30’s and 3 kids, it wasn’t so easy and I couldn’t get the scale budge towards the lower numbers at all. So one day it finally hit me that I had to do something about it and get back to my exercise routines or any for that matter that I use to do before my life got so hectic. I really didn’t like the pre make meals from diet companies so I just used the did an analysis on the foods my family and I were already eating…

Water and Scheduled Eating – Tara Bernardin

The most significant thing I changed in my fitness journey was to only drink water with the occasional soy milk for my cereal.  I really only drink water now. Truly, this was most likely the hardest thing to do. Does anybody truly like just drinking huge amounts of water? I realize I didn’t. It required about a month before I didn’t reach over for my glass of water and wish it was juice or soda.  In any case, presently I can genuinely say that I don’t miss it by any means and I really desire water now! I feel better…

Start Kids Early in Exercise – Tara Bernardin

The world is an ever evolving, fast paced society and I think we need well rounded people to occupy it. To create these individuals, I think that mental health exercise and other outdoor activities play an important role because they can act as stress busters in this crazy world we live in.We are often so involved in their own lives and worries that we sometimes forget about the children and the tensions they have and face as they go through their day to day lives in school and with their friends. A child should be involved in some kind of…

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