Driving in the Rain – Tara Bernardin

A few years ago when I was on my way to a friend’s house I experienced one of the scariest moments of my life. It was late and the roads were dark and wet because of a recent downpour. I don’t like driving in the rain but have done so hundreds of times. I reached my exit off the highway and my home is about 20 minutes after the exit. As I exited the off ramp, I realized, the lights off the highway were not lit and there was a huge puddle of water on the ramp. Probably due to…

Starting a Workout Routine - Tara Bernardin

I have never worked out on a regular basis for more than a week before 5 years ago. It all began because of some personal issues and I needed an outlet. I believe in, GO BIG OR GO HOME so I decided to sign up for a local triathlon.  I talked to my husband about it and he decided he would work out with me and help me on this new adventure.  Even my mother got in on the routine and walked with me when she was able to.I couldn’t even run a block in the beginning. I really couldn’t…

Taking a “TIME-OUT” Trip With My Friends – Tara Bernardin

In 2018, I traveled to Las Vegas with three of my girlfriends, Isabelle, Leanne, and Sophia. It was one of the few time I took a short, time out solely with my friends and left the kiddies behind. When I was young my household constantly mini trips on the weekends. We went to practically each well-known traveler attraction in Maryland and the surrounding states; therefore, I grew annoyed and tired of these trips as a child and a young teen but my friends continually envied my travel experiences. Even though looking back now I cherish those memories but I couldn’t…

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