Slow Down – Tara Bernardin

Sometimes it’s hard. There has been dies when the tears flowed freely and often. There have been weeks when things seemed so terrible I felt that I couldn’t be the mother or the spouse I needed to be to my family. I would run but even my body was betraying me. After even some moderate my body would hurt and be sore quite a long time. I would get headaches so awful some days it was like somebody was hammering a nail into my brain. I needed running especially during those times when I felt my lowest. The strength my…

Fitness Is a Way of Life - Tara Bernardin

Getting healthy is a choice. Getting fit is based on many decisions that you have to make consciously and be disciplined in your daily life following routines that you continue whether you are in the mood or not. A fitness routine involves resilient behavior that is melded into a training program that fits your needs. The success of that plan is found through relentless dedication and hard work structured in your weekly progress. You have to be active in your own fitness program and constantly strive to achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself. The progress will be slow but…

When I'm Feeling Down - Tara Bernardin

I am the type of person who is nostalgic. When I think about my past life about me grwoing up with my parents and siblings it comforts me, but at the same time makes me very sad that I won’t have those memories back. What keeps my mind busy now and fulfilled are my daily workout routines, my husband, kids and friends. I feel that I’m smarter than I ever was an I have a wonderful home life, thought there has been some ups and downs. Sometimes I think my best life is behind me.  I know that that isn’t true but at times I can’t shake that…

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