Almost Time for Outdoor Dining with Tara Bernardin

If the blanket of pollen coating every car in the lot hasn’t clued you in yet, the torrential rain storms may do the trick. After a sluggish start, spring is in full swing, and summer is on its way.

That means you’re running out of weekends to designate to spring cleaning. It also means it’s time to beautify the backyard — yes, now. Family and friends love spending sunny afternoons outside, particularly if there’s a pool involved.

Hi, I am Tara Bernardin. Use the following advice to prepare for outdoor entertaining, and get the most out of your lawn, garden or patio.

Grow some privacy. Unless you live in a secluded cottage, it’s nice to have a fence or row of bushes to shelter your home from the neighbors. An arbor, trellis or pergola with hanging vines is another way to create some privacy. Flowering vines — like trumpet vines, clematis or morning glory — help create a romantic garden full of butterflies and hummingbirds. These structures also offer a wind-break and cast some shade during the hottest summer months.

Get cozy outdoors. Decks, patios and even a flat portion of the yard can be perfect for outdoor entertaining. Start thinking cook-outs, pool parties and game nights. Find some affordable patio furniture, and create cozy clusters with chairs, sofas and small tables. If you’re looking to add more home decor elements, toss some brightly colored throw pillows, umbrellas and potted plants into the mix to bring the space together.

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