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The most enduring memory I have of my father is from my wedding day. It was beautiful June day and we had an outdoor wedding.  He was getting ready to walk me down the aisle.  My father was holding my hand. I’ve always felt so safe when my dad was holding my hand, like there was nothing that could hurt me and he would protect me from anything in the world. I looked up to his face to tell him how much I love him and thankful for giving me the best life a daughter could ever ask for when I noticed he was crying. Seeing my father cry made me cry and I couldn’t stop.  I rarely saw my Dad cry. The only times I could remember him crying was when my mom was in the hospital and for my siblings and I graduations.  The closer we got to the pastor, I could hear people in the pews asking me we wanted a tissue. We still laugh about it today, though I think he gets a little embarrassed when I bring it up.

My father is the most amazing man in the world. He and my mom worked themselves to the bone to make sure their children had everything they need to be the best people they can. My brother and sisters know how lucky we are and though we tell them all the time how much we love them I feel maybe we don’t say it enough.

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