Fitness Is a Way of Life – Tara Bernardin

Getting healthy is a choice. Getting fit is based on many decisions that you have to make consciously and be disciplined in your daily life following routines that you continue whether you are in the mood or not. A fitness routine involves resilient behavior that is melded into a training program that fits your needs. […]

Taking a “TIME-OUT” Trip With My Friends – Tara Bernardin

In 2018, I traveled to Las Vegas with three of my girlfriends, Isabelle, Leanne, and Sophia. It was one of the few time I took a short, time out solely with my friends and left the kiddies behind. When I was young my household constantly mini trips on the weekends. We went to practically each […]

Tara Bernardin- Focus on Nature During Exercise

Tara Bernardin suggest sometimes to exercise outdoors and tune into nature and enjoy the benefits of fresh air and the surroundings. Check my website: http://tarabernardin.comOr follow me on different platforms:

5 Tips for Self Improvement

Self Improvement

I am a strong believer in challenging oneself to daily self improvement and here I am presenting you the 5 tips to improve yourself personally.

Easy Tips for Learning A New Language

tara bernardin

Facing issues while learning a new language? Check these simple tips from your number one professional writer and speaker, (that’s me!)- Tara Bernardin.

Flourish Your Reading Habits

Reading habits

Developing reading habits takes time and dedication and it can be satisfying for anyone who is ready to dive into reading books,” by Tara Bernardin.

Have a Happy (Long) Weekend

Hi, I enjoys my weekends every time. Here are a few links from around the web for you guys to enjoy your weekend too. Have a healthy and happy weekend.