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Oklahoma sign: Urban Farmhouse in Oklahoma. Sheets: Brooklinen. Comforter: Bed, Bath & Beyond. Circle pillow: Urban Farmhouse in Oklahoma. Throw: Urban Outfitters, similar. Antique window pane: found on the street in Morningside Heights. Antique flour sifter: passed down from grandmother. Rug: Wayfair, similar.

On daily rituals: Quarantining by myself has been tough, but I’m hanging in there. My daily routine is quite simple but interesting. Every morning, Nemo and I go to Café Beit, and I get a coffee and he gets a treat. Then we walk over to the park and he plays for half an hour, while the other dog owners and I shoot the breeze. He likes the routine and I’ve gotten to know the coffee shop owner and my neighbors. In the evenings, we’ll do a super long walk around the park, where I blast music into headphones and let myself be alone in my thoughts. I’ll stop by the bodega below my building where I’m friends with the owner; then I’ll take a completely unnecessary over-the-top bath with candles and bath bombs.

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