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Sometimes it’s hard. There has been dies when the tears flowed freely and often. There have been weeks when things seemed so terrible I felt that I couldn’t be the mother or the spouse I needed to be to my family. I would run but even my body was betraying me. After even some moderate my body would hurt and be sore quite a long time. I would get headaches so awful some days it was like somebody was hammering a nail into my brain. I needed running especially during those times when I felt my lowest. The strength my body felt when I pushed myself to limits I didn’t think I could go was a rush. That feeling of achievement was a band aid to my world ills but now my body was having none of that.

What I learned was I had to, SLOW DOWN.

Our body needs rest.  What I was doing was running to run away from my problems or what I thought were huge problems. I had to let my body rest and I wasn’t doing that. I ended up turning to yoga and that helped my body tremendously along with the rest.

I learned to rebrand my stress myself and my excursions.

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