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The world is an ever evolving, fast paced society and I think we need well rounded people to occupy it. To create these individuals, I think that mental health exercise and other outdoor activities play an important role because they can act as stress busters in this crazy world we live in.

We are often so involved in their own lives and worries that we sometimes forget about the children and the tensions they have and face as they go through their day to day lives in school and with their friends. A child should be involved in some kind of arts, sport or outdoor activity in order to get his mind of his studies and projects that he would have to finish. Studies have shown that children who are involved in sports or art projects are more likely to take on life’s challenges head on and be more social.

Outdoor sports or activities such as soccer, baseball or even throwing a ball around helps children expend energy which can lead to weight loss and overall a start them on a healthy lifestyle. Obesity is a big problem here in the US.  It can lead to severe health problems and also as well as mental issues.

The most important thing of involving sports and the creation of art as a stress reliever and tapping into talent is finding that thing that particular child enjoys and cultivate it.  The lasting impact and enjoyment is immeasurable.

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