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I have never worked out on a regular basis for more than a week before 5 years ago. It all began because of some personal issues and I needed an outlet. I believe in, GO BIG OR GO HOME so I decided to sign up for a local triathlon.  I talked to my husband about it and he decided he would work out with me and help me on this new adventure.  Even my mother got in on the routine and walked with me when she was able to.
I couldn’t even run a block in the beginning. I really couldn’t swim and I haven’t ridden a bike since I was a kid.  Did I make a mistake?
I started to try to swim first. I figured that would be the hardest for me since I didn’t know how to swim and I would have to swim a long distance for this triathlon.  After many classes and help from my husband who is an excellent swimmer I sort of got the hang of it and became a decent swimmer.  I then added in running and biking.
The triathlon was a big success for me because I actually was able to complete it after months of training and hard work.  I was proud of myself and realized then and there I could accomplish anything physically as long as I put my mind to it and help and support from my family. 
To this day I continue an exercise regime of swimming, biking and running though not as frequently and with the intensity of when I was training.  I only ran one triathlon and again thinking about doing another 5 years later.
I’ve only been able to maintain this workout routine because of my husband and kids. I want my son and daughters to see an active mom and a person that when she puts her mind to it, can accomplish anything. I want my kids to have that attitude and I believe in setting an example for the little ones. My husband and I go the gym together and often as we can when my mother can babysit the kids. He gets out of work early enough because of his job and my mother loves stopping by to see her grand kids so it works out.  My wonderful neighbors, Cal and Stephen have a pool and let me use it whenever I want to get some laps in. I absolutely adore them!                                                     

Are you trying to start a working routine of your own?  Here’s a few things I would suggest:

1. Find a workout partner. Find someone to go to the gym with you even if you do different things while you’re there. They will keep you motivated and you will them.
2. Take classes. You may learn different strategies and they can be a lot of fun.
3. Create a schedule you can stick to. Very important. Be realistic in your time. I had to balance family, a personal business and working out. If you don’t make it a priority as long as all your other responsibilities, it won’t work.
4. Weight loss is not the goal. It’s not. My goal for doing the triathlon was to see if I can. My personal issues at the time needed an outlet so that helped fuel my goal as well. I wasn’t trying to lose weight, but I did.


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