Starting a Workout Routine – Tara Bernardin

I have never worked out on a regular basis for more than a week before 5 years ago. It all began because of some personal issues and I needed an outlet. I believe in, GO BIG OR GO HOME so I decided to sign up for a local triathlon.  I talked to my husband about […]

Why Art is Important – Explained by Tara Bernardin

“Anyone can do that.” That is a saying that rubs me the wrong way when it comes to things that people accomplish with the gifts they have. I have heard that in reference to art. Art is not just painting or drawing. To me, art encompasses painting, drawing, architecture, sports, food, music, etc. Some people […]

Almost Time for Outdoor Dining with Tara Bernardin

If the blanket of pollen coating every car in the lot hasn’t clued you in yet, the torrential rain storms may do the trick. After a sluggish start, spring is in full swing, and summer is on its way. That means you’re running out of weekends to designate to spring cleaning. It also means it’s […]

Tara Bernardin- Focus on Nature During Exercise

Tara Bernardin suggest sometimes to exercise outdoors and tune into nature and enjoy the benefits of fresh air and the surroundings. Check my website: http://tarabernardin.comOr follow me on different platforms:

Saving Money in These Trying Times – Tara Bernardin

Developing a financial plan is reasonable and a part of developing a journal that may be an astoundingly basic instrument for those cultivators who overspend. The justification of a spending plan goes past saving money however and allows the cultivator to perceive what they have, see what they require, and make methods of securing required […]

Harvesting Brings Peace of Mind for Tara Bernardin

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life i.e taking care of the kids, husband, traveling for work, and all unexpected events it is important to take a moment for yourself. I have found my solitude has been going to my backyard garden and taking care of the fruits and vegetables that I have been […]

Making a Feast from Local Farms

This morning to really put a proposal on the an Easter feast and cooking a leg of lamb along with beets, potatoes, onions and other spices going to the local supermarket is not enough. The bed of beets I was thinking of creating with a sprinkle of corn was not enough. With covid restrictions being […]