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In 2018, I traveled to Las Vegas with three of my girlfriends, Isabelle, Leanne, and Sophia. It was one of the few time I took a short, time out solely with my friends and left the kiddies behind. When I was young my household constantly mini trips on the weekends. We went to practically each well-known traveler attraction in Maryland and the surrounding states; therefore, I grew annoyed and tired of these trips as a child and a young teen but my friends continually envied my travel experiences.

Even though looking back now I cherish those memories but I couldn’t help but think that If I went to some of those places with my friends, not my family, perhaps it would be even more entertaining. I decided that when I grew up I would travel with my kids and husband as well as have “time out” trips with my friends.  So in August of 2018, my friends and I made a 3-day trip to VIVA LAS VEGAS!
My girls and I had been looking ahead to this day for months so we didn’t waste any time once we got there. On the day we were scheduled to fly out, I woke up at the first light to make sure I didn’t miss my 6:44am flight. We all met up at the airport and all of us fell asleep as soon as the plane took off. We stepped off the plane feeling refreshed and ready to have a great time.

We checked into our room then went out to watch the morning view of a new city. Even in the morning the city was full of lights and the windows of the hotels and casinos reflected the white clouds and the blue sky. It was an impressive view just as all the movies and postcards depicted.

After our morning walk we grabbed breakfast and then headed back to the hotel and enjoyed a poolside party. Our next two days were filled with parties, reminiscing, and enjoying the sun.

The quick “time out” trip was much needed to refresh and relax. What made this one of a kind is that I got to share these memories with my friends and it further bonded us. I’m looking forward to my next family and my next friends trip after this pandemic.

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