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I miss my mother. I miss sharing joys and struggles. I miss hearing her voice and seeing her face when I told her about the accomplishments of my kids or myself. I miss sharing with her the little things that always add up to big things in life. Little things such as me successfully make a beef stroganoff that she gave me the recipe to that I never thought I would be able to make like her. Me being able to drive her to lunch in the new car I was able to buy. All the little things in life that in themselves don’t amount to much, but paint the masterpiece that was and is our lives.

If your parents are still around, don’t take that for granted. Call them, visit them, so all you can to cherish every second while you can. I would have liked my kids to have had more time with my mom. They loved her but knowing there will be no more new memories with “Grandma” is heartbreaking.

I regret not being there more when she was around. Like the day her sink over flowed and she called me frantic but I was out of town on a speaking engagement and I could not get there to help her with the cleaning. I wish I could have been there to eat dinners with her and talk more with her when she was around. I regret not recording her telling me stories of her youth and about our family as a history for my kids of what our family was really like.

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