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Exhausted and hungry, my family and I went to the inn for a quick rest before supper. We felt like we’ve been walking for 2 straight weeks. My kids hit their beds and were out almost immediately I think giving them a bath also helped them get to sleep faster. That always seems to help. My husband and I reflected on this trip to Peru and realized how lucky we were to experience this moment together with the kids while we are still able to because who knows what it’s going to be like when they get older. We need to trust and live our lives in the moment and enjoy the majesty of the gifts of the heavens placed here on earth.

Be that as it may, the world is more than where you live or grew up. We climbed a mountain that overlooked a local town and settled there briefly. It was a beautiful day which balanced our Peruvian experience with the memories on missing home back in the states.

Travel has helped my family fundamentally gain more respect of the human experience in regards to harmony with nature, food, attire, schooling, and what it means to be “happy.”

Not everyone in the world has or needs the burning desire to chase the American dream. I wouldn’t trade my life in America but in my travels I have found peace, beauty, family and love all over the world.

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