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The most significant thing I changed in my fitness journey was to only drink water with the occasional soy milk for my cereal.  I really only drink water now. Truly, this was most likely the hardest thing to do. Does anybody truly like just drinking huge amounts of water?

I realize I didn’t. It required about a month before I didn’t reach over for my glass of water and wish it was juice or soda.  In any case, presently I can genuinely say that I don’t miss it by any means and I really desire water now! I feel better since I’m drinking more water, and I have gotten a few positive remarks on my skin recently I didn’t actually draw an obvious conclusion until somebody make the connection for me that maybe this was as a result of all the water I’m drinking now.

One other thing I changed-and this was at my Doctors recommendation was eating during the day and less during the evening. I now eat most of my meals early in the day and try to eat dinner at 5 or before, which honestly is hard to do when you have young kids, a small business to run. My husband does help but sometimes his work hours fluctuate and he doesn’t get home until after 6.  I adjust my calories for the duration of the day and not eat anything inside 3 to 4 hours before going to bed and I’ve seen that now I am my hungriest first thing in the morning and it’s simpler to get more calories in during the day now.

What’s been so astonishing about doing things this way is that it’s something I can do myself and I really don’t need a workout partner for.   A double bonus is-, it’s absolutely FREE.  It doesn’t cost a thing. I get to eat the different types of foods I like and appreciate. My family and I recently spent almost a week at the Jersey Shore and I ate what I wanted and did not feel too full or was over doing it on the vacation eating. It was a great time!

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