Why Art is Important – Explained by Tara Bernardin

“Anyone can do that.” That is a saying that rubs me the wrong way when it comes to things that people accomplish with the gifts they have. I have heard that in reference to art. Art is not just painting or drawing. To me, art encompasses painting, drawing, architecture, sports, food, music, etc. Some people are gifted with unique skills not bestowed on others. I got to museums and watch cooking shows and admire the artistry and aesthetics that went into the conceptualization of the food and/or the piece of work created by these artists.

Art also has another element on the importance of why artist do what they do. It’s about the desire to create art. The need to birth a conception onto the physical world for others to see and experience. The feelings their particular work evokes in the audience is what makes art important and why not “anyone can do that.”

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